closet organizers in Coeur D’Alene

Closet Organizers in Coeur D’Alene

Do you look at your closets and think they are a mess? Do you get embarrassed when people see your closets? At Idaho Custom Closets, we have the best closet organizers in Coeur D’Alene so look no further. Whether you want something that is plain and simple or something upscale and custom we can help. A closet can go from a messy space to organized and efficient in no time. (See Tips On Organizing Your Bedroom Closet)

Custom closet organizers are made for all areas including; walk-in closets, reach-in closets, pantries, office spaces, and other areas that need to be organized. They are becoming more and more popular and more of a “must-have” in many homes. So, it’s time for you to get organized and find out why you should contact us for closet organizers in Coeur D’Alene.

Our custom closets are known for their style and quality. Although there are a few options for Closet Systems in Coeur D’Alene you won’t have the same experience anywhere else. Why? Because of the owner of Idaho Custom Closets, Jon Harper.

Jon Harper is a lifelong local. Therefore, he knows the area, the people and how to get things done. Jon enjoys working with his clients and making sure they get everything that they desired out of their closet. He prides himself on high quality products and a high level of service.

Transforming Your Closet

One area of the home that we tend to overlook, although it is an area that may be accessed multiple times during the day is the closet. When you install one of the high end organizer systems in this area of the home, you make it a much more pleasant place to be. If you have the right to closet organization system in place, you can actually expand the effective area of the closet without expanding the actual area that is inside of the walls.

We make it easy to transform your closet from plain and simple to organized and efficient. As we work with you, you can share your ideas for what you want from your closet. So if you are tired of waking into a jumbled closet give us a call. If you are ready to make the transformation to your closets don’t hesitate any longer. We will work with you to create spaces that will be a benefit to you and your family. It will be well worth your time and money to reduce the clutter and get your closets organized.

Benefits of Closet Organizers

Closet organizers make it easy to create a beautiful and efficient space so you can keep all your clothes and items in order. It used to be that closet organizers we’re cheaply made and mostly wire, not anymore. As a result, when you look to us for closet organizers in Coeur D’Alene, we provide only high-quality products and installation.

Some of the key benefits of closet organizers are:

  1. Shelving is Flexible – You can manage the height of the shelves to fit anything you have. So if you have tall boots, they’ll fit. If you want a smaller shelf for hats and t-shirts, you can do that. It can be made so you have a place for everything.
  2. Lots of Accessories – There are a lot of accessories you can add so you can make your closet as efficient as possible. You can have shelving, drawers, hanging rods, laundry baskets, shoe racks, tie and belt racks, jewelry drawers and more.
  3. They Add Beauty – Most builders don’t add closet organizers because they add cost. Therefore, closets in most homes are as basic as they get. Closet organizers can make your closet beautiful while being functional.
  4. Add Value to Your Home – You may think that you will never move but it never hurts to add value. Closet organizers in Coeur D’Alene, do add value. It also helps your home show better to potential buyers. Also, they will see that your home is move-in ready so they won’t have to put the time and money into doing the closets themselves.

Why Choose Idaho Custom Closets for Closet Organizers in Coeur D’Alene

Why should you choose Idaho Custom Closets when looking at closet systems in Coeur D’Alene?

  1. Jon will spend the time with you to make sure he understands exactly what you are looking for in your new closet.
  2. Your closet will be designed to give you the look, functionality, organization, and storage that will give you your dream closet.
  3. We only use the top quality products. Sure, there may be “cheaper” ways build your custom closet, but cheaper isn’t better. Years down the road, you will be happy you didn’t go with “cheaper.” Quality products means your closet will last.
  4. Quality craftsmanship. Just like quality products, if you don’t have skilled craftsmanship to put it all together, you can expect to have problems and issues. Jon prides himself on building custom closets that will last.

Schedule your free consultation today. This will be a time for you to share your ideas and have Jon see the space you are wanting to improve on. He will discuss the options you have and give you an overall estimate on what your dream custom closet will cost.  Before you spend a single dollar on your closet, consider what a custom closet can do for you. The investment is worth it to give you greater satisfaction.

To schedule an appointment with Jon, call 208-659-5072.

For amazing closet systems in Coeur D’Alene, trust Idaho Custom Closets

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