Idaho Custom Closets

Closet Systems and Cabinetry Designed for any space

Our custom closets are known for their style and quality. 

Transform your closet

You will be amazed with the additional storage created with a custom closet! Our customers keep coming back for more. Stop waiting for your closet transformation, and call today!

Closets for every style

The two most common types of closets are Walk-in Closets and Reach-in Closets. No matter which type of closet you have, we can customize it to maximize it’s functionality and organization.


Kitchen Pantries

We also offer cabinets through our sister company, Beaver Creek Cabinets!


by Beaver Creek Cabinets


by Beaver Creek Cabinets

Building your dream closet

From simple to dramatic, Idaho custom closets have you covered. 

Ready for a new closet? Our designers will walk you through the entire process.

How much does a custom closet cost?

The cost of a custom closet depends on what materials and finishes are chosen. At Idaho Custom Closets we use top quality materials. 


The price of a closet will depend on the type of material you choose. If you replace the floor, the cost will increase.


If your new closet requires any structural changes to your home, you will need to expect to pay more.


Track lighting systems or custom lighting features can increase the cost of the closet.